We’re a new lifestyle in real estate.

Lifestyle has put together a diverse team of individuals with a shared passion for real estate.
We believe that everyone deserves to be a home owner and are here to make the experience seamless, gratifying and most of all exciting for you. Real estate is a lifestyle, make it yours.


Our vision for growth has always remained the same. Nurturing our relationships and empowering our agents and clients with the tools they need to buy/sell homes. We believe in changing lives through real estate.


Technology has changed the way we do real estate. We provide our agents with the latest devices, drones, marketing tools and software to help better serve their clients. At any level.


Lifestyle is the fastest growing real estate company in South Florida. We have extensive knowledge in the sale of Single and Multifamily, Luxury, Commercial Real Estate and Short Sales.

Meet The Broker

George CancioBello, broker and leader of Lifestyle International Realty has infused over a decade of business experience and knowledge he has acquired, into building
a brand that revitalizes your experience as a future home owner.

Lifestyle International Realty was created after his years of dedication, effort and undoubtable success in the real estate market. CancioBello has put together a powerhouse team that not only shares his vision and passion, but believes in faith, family and opportunity.

Lifestyle international Realty offers just that; opportunity. The opportunity for
every individual to become a home owner. To achieve the lifestyle,
they dream to have. To believe that they are an opportunity within themselves. CancioBello brings a wealth of experience in finance,
contracts, negotiations and investments. His ability to master in building long term relationships has gained him the trust of his predecessors, as well as associates and clients alike.

CancioBello structures deals in a front line manner, providing direct guidance and undoubtable dedication. His success is a product of his work ethic, loyalty and passion for Lifestyle.

George believes that the bigger the dream, the more important the team. He has created programs within Lifestyle that will streamline every member of the team to success; And the difference shows.

We are excited to have George continue to drive the success of Lifestyle by developing a refreshing approach to real estate whilst maintaining traditional values with each client interaction.


Every month, a portion of our proceeds are donated to a featured charity.


Violence unmakes the world, but preemptive love has the power to unmake violence. We bring relief to families fleeing war in Syria and Iraq. We help refugees rebuild their lives. And we provide lifesaving medical care for children in conflict zones.


sparkherchange is an organization created to give hope to women who feel like they’ve lost it all. Our organization packages and distributes gift bags filled with personal hygiene products, a Bible, and a journal for women in need. Our desire for recipients of our spark bags is to feel loved and develop confidence, knowing they are not forgotten, and to ultimately plant a seed into their relationship with God.


For more information please email George Canciobello, Broker directly at gcanciobello@lifestyleintrealty.com

Main office

175 Southwest 7th Street
Suite 2310
Miami, FL

(305) 809-8085