Gilssely Gonzalez-Moore

Realtor Sales Associate

Pennsylvania born and raised, Gilssely “Sely”
Gonzalez-Moore has spent some time exploring life in other cities,
until she reached her final destination of Miami, Florida. She
understands what it’s like to decide to pack up and re-locate, and
this has allowed her to feel a special passion and connection with new
residents looking for their first Florida home.

Sely graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in
Communication, Arts, & Sciences, a minor in Business, and a
Certificate in Public Relations. This diverse educational background
has trained her in the art of interpersonal communication and
listening, clear negotiations, and swift crisis management. She is
also fluent in the Spanish language, making her the perfect liaison to
the melting pot that glistens as Miami, Florida.


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